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The only acne and oily skin solution i have found AND its homemade!!

My dear readers, latetly I have been dealing with stress and excess oil from all the cooking, cleaning, and running after my kids i’ve been doing, the usual mom stuff. I tried solution after solution to solve my problem, changed my make up products, changed my diet, bought facial scrubs and made my own but nothing helped. I gave one last homemade idea a try and that was the winner!! Ive been going strong for a month now with this homemade idea and ive had people tell me my skin was glowing when a month before they were telling me that i was breaking out alot.
Im not sure if it was the consistensy that made this show results faster for me but my skin if very sensitive so for this to have worked for me and pretty quick is really a miracle.
So the big fuss is about 3 simple ingredients which are:

Apply cider vinegar, lemon, and water.

Apple cider has been amazing for my acne and skin discoloration, what i read about apple cide vinegar was that it actually makes a great toner, so I decided i needed to try to it. However, that didnt really give much solution to my oily skin problem. Thats where the lemon comes into play. So I actually read that lemon helps with oily skin by drying the skin, now i would not recommend adding lemon if you have dry skin, only if you have excess oil.

Here are the measurements:

1 part apple cider vinegar

1 part water

1tbs of lemon (if needed for oil control)

So if you have a cup of water add one cup of apple cider vinegar. To keep the freshness i also store it in the refrigerator. I go every morning and night to apply to a clean face with a cotton swab. I water my face down with warm water to open my pores and let the toner sit and either i apply my make up directly or leave it as is. I have decided to apply it twice a day as i was desperate and i was breaking out alot! Im gonna continue to use this for my oily and acne prone skin but im going to change the amount i use once i clear up completely. After my skin gets better i will use once daily just as i would use any toner right before applying makeup. Please let me know how it worked for you thank you for stopping by to read my blog!😊

Stay at home MOMS/DADS!

Hello all stay at home moms(or dads)! I wanted to learn from you all, what do guys do to split the work with your significant other? I’m a stay at home mom from Monday to Sunday! Meanwhile my husband works Monday thru Saturday with Tuesday off (and Sunday of course) but I still get no break! I’ve  decided that maybe I should have Tuesdays off and he takes care of the house duties and Sundays he gets off while I take care of the home duties. I havent brought up the idea yet and I just recently because a SAHM so we are still trying to figure it out. Please ladies or gentleman give me your input on what and how you all split duties so its fair. Just leave it in the comments! Thank you! 😊