The good and The Bad, Which is It?

Parenting is such a big word, It means so much to be a parent and yet so hard to do. Its like graduating from a class you never took but you have that title and have to own up to such a title. In the end it comes down to deciding what is good, and what is bad when you raise your children. There are some more obvious answers such as “should my child play with fire today?” But there are also some that are not that obvious and there are so many different arguments about whether its good or whether its bad that as parents we have to question ourselves if that’s the path we want to take, a huge example would be vaccines. Why do I mention vaccines? Well that’s one decision that you make as soon as you leave the hospital (sometimes even at the hospital), the next day you need to head to your pediatrician and he/she will administer your newborns first vaccines. An important decision and yet it is rushed. There are a million debates about vaccines and that it causes this and that and children shouldn’t get them etc, etc. Back to the question, how can we as parents decide what is good and what is bad? No matter what decision you make when it comes to those answers where the answer isn’t so clear that best thing you can do as a parent is get yourself informed! I mention this because I haven’t been a mom long enough but I’ve had so many people in my ear about what I need to do and how I need to raise my kids that I totally forgot about my parent/mommy gut instinct and listened to everyone else. In the end those same people whose advice I followed ended up blaming me claiming whatever I did was wrong ANYWAY. I know that when family tries to advice you It’s not easy to say “hey we actually don’t want to do that, or try that, or according my research it’s actually not that good” but sometimes you have to! Just let them know that you are doing your own research and going to decide whether its good or bad, even tho you don’t actually even have to explain yourself!! I had a long struggle trying to make everyone happy and it always backfired! Having a son with speech delay(possibly mild autism) and a daughter just diagnosed with Leukemia I had those same people telling me it was my fault, even tho doctors told me in front of them that there was nothing i did or did not do to cause as there isn’t any known reason as to why a child could have those two specific problems. Listen to your parent instinct, you do have one and if you have doubts do your research and get yourself informed! I learned that If I can’t hear my instinct because people are yelling their opinions at me I just need to research it and have my eyes see what my gut is whispering in order to make sense of it. To those parents who are undecided, just have confidence in yourself! Parenting is not easy and just know someone will always disagree with your choices as a parent and that’s okay! Just do the best for your kids according to you (and what you may have researched). The goal is to raise children that are going to be positive human beings and make positive contributions in the human race even after you are gone. Good luck parents! It’s not easy but its possible!!

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