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Make your own natural anti-colic baby remedy

So you have a newborn who appears to be colicky and you have no idea how to soothe him/her. An old remedy that we practice back in my country in Bolivia is using aniseed. Herbal medicine has been around since forever and with so many products with all sorts of  chemicals, herbs are becoming obsolete. However in places where there isnt the money to get a product that costs that much, you use what you have at home which in this case its aniseed.


Here are the instructions on how to use this for your colicky baby.

  • what you do is boil a small amount of anise on a small pot. About 2-3 cups of water and a tsp of aniseed.
  • Once it is boiling, allow 5 minutes of boiling then turn it off. If you must use right away put a small amount to the side and blow until it is cool enough to give your newborn, otherwise let it cool until its cool enough to give to your baby. (Dont use if it has been sitting out for more than an hour) Mind you that the anise itself is not given to the baby, just the boiled water.
  • You grab a pacifier and dip it in the liquid and little by little give your baby thru the pacifier. Give a very small amount maybe 5-10 dips of the boiled water and you should see results within the hour.

We use this as a natural remedy back home and I’ve heard its actually used alot in most of south and central america. If the problem does not resolve I would make an appointment with your pediatrician to see what they can recommend. This is how I soothed my babies and how I was soothed as a baby and it worked wonders for many generations in my family and my husbands family. If you choose to try to remedy let me know how it worked out for you in the comments. Lastly I do want to say, star anise is not the same as aniseed, so please make sure you get the right one as start anise is not recommended. Dont forget to sign up in my newsletter to get updates on the latest home remedys or how to’s.   🙂


This picture shows my little girl exactly who she is. She is always smiling, she has that personality that lights up anyone’s day. Even when she’s upset she can make you smile if you are the one that needs a cheer up. This picture was taken moments before we had to shave her hair off because it was patches underneath the hat. I cannot bear to see her without a hat on now because it’s just a huge reminder that she’s going thru cancer. I don’t take pictures of her to share or even really at all because once we get thru this I do not want to remember. I have a few that in case I need to remind her how strong she was since young, but not like before. It may be bad of me to chose this way of being or handling her situation but she doesn’t even wonder why I stopped snapping pictures of her since I’m always doing something with her or taking care of the house she doesn’t even miss it honestly. I felt the need to share tho, it could be because I want to just vent a bit that these changes are challenging. To some people it’s “just hair” but for me it’s just more real, as odd as it may sound, it’s been very hard for me to accept this whole thing with my little girl but the more I can visibly cover it up the more I can feel like regular life. With her hair gone and a scarf on all day it just reminds me that she’s going thru this, its very difficult to be strong with a reminder in front of you. Although, I guess it wasn’t that hard to cover it up with the hair all over her pillow, all over the floor, all over the couch… yeah it’s just not easy and it doesn’t get any easier just more manageable? If that makes sense. Anyway, I think there’s many parents out there going thru their own version of difficult changes and challenges and I just want to say that you are not alone. It’s hard to imagine that you love your baby that much and they’re going thru so much and there are parents with perfectly healthy babies and they don’t show them they love or care for them. Everyday we are with our kids it’s a blessing, whether you believe in god(s) or don’t believe, you know that the love for your kid is REAL. If any parent out there wants to share any tips to cope or ideas that helped them you are welcome to. No matter what we have to be strong, do it for your “Brianna.”💛

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Stay at home MOMS/DADS!

Hello all stay at home moms(or dads)! I wanted to learn from you all, what do guys do to split the work with your significant other? I’m a stay at home mom from Monday to Sunday! Meanwhile my husband works Monday thru Saturday with Tuesday off (and Sunday of course) but I still get no break! I’ve  decided that maybe I should have Tuesdays off and he takes care of the house duties and Sundays he gets off while I take care of the home duties. I havent brought up the idea yet and I just recently because a SAHM so we are still trying to figure it out. Please ladies or gentleman give me your input on what and how you all split duties so its fair. Just leave it in the comments! Thank you! 😊

The good and The Bad, Which is It?

Parenting is such a big word, It means so much to be a parent and yet so hard to do. Its like graduating from a class you never took but you have that title and have to own up to such a title. In the end it comes down to deciding what is good, and what is bad when you raise your children. There are some more obvious answers such as “should my child play with fire today?” But there are also some that are not that obvious and there are so many different arguments about whether its good or whether its bad that as parents we have to question ourselves if that’s the path we want to take, a huge example would be vaccines. Why do I mention vaccines? Well that’s one decision that you make as soon as you leave the hospital (sometimes even at the hospital), the next day you need to head to your pediatrician and he/she will administer your newborns first vaccines. An important decision and yet it is rushed. There are a million debates about vaccines and that it causes this and that and children shouldn’t get them etc, etc. Back to the question, how can we as parents decide what is good and what is bad? No matter what decision you make when it comes to those answers where the answer isn’t so clear that best thing you can do as a parent is get yourself informed! I mention this because I haven’t been a mom long enough but I’ve had so many people in my ear about what I need to do and how I need to raise my kids that I totally forgot about my parent/mommy gut instinct and listened to everyone else. In the end those same people whose advice I followed ended up blaming me claiming whatever I did was wrong ANYWAY. I know that when family tries to advice you It’s not easy to say “hey we actually don’t want to do that, or try that, or according my research it’s actually not that good” but sometimes you have to! Just let them know that you are doing your own research and going to decide whether its good or bad, even tho you don’t actually even have to explain yourself!! I had a long struggle trying to make everyone happy and it always backfired! Having a son with speech delay(possibly mild autism) and a daughter just diagnosed with Leukemia I had those same people telling me it was my fault, even tho doctors told me in front of them that there was nothing i did or did not do to cause as there isn’t any known reason as to why a child could have those two specific problems. Listen to your parent instinct, you do have one and if you have doubts do your research and get yourself informed! I learned that If I can’t hear my instinct because people are yelling their opinions at me I just need to research it and have my eyes see what my gut is whispering in order to make sense of it. To those parents who are undecided, just have confidence in yourself! Parenting is not easy and just know someone will always disagree with your choices as a parent and that’s okay! Just do the best for your kids according to you (and what you may have researched). The goal is to raise children that are going to be positive human beings and make positive contributions in the human race even after you are gone. Good luck parents! It’s not easy but its possible!!

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img_7146img_7135Thank you for taking the time to view my website, my name is Monica and I am a mommy of two wonderful kids and wife of a wonderful man. We have a son named Fabian age 5 and a little girl named Brianna age 3. Being a mom has been the most challenging yet rewarding job I’ve had and I mean that. Part of the difficulties wasnt so much the being a mom part (which is hard on its own)but the obstacles that my kids have. My son has speech delay and while he has not yet been diagnosed a few speech pathologists suggested he shows signs of autism, that was when he was 3.5 years old. Hes currently in kindergarten receiving especial ed classes. My daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia Pre B.A.L.L on september 27th 2016. My world was turned upside down to learn my little princess has to deal with such a condition. Since then Ive had to re evaluate my mommy ways and see if I can improve because theres always room for improvement when you are a parent. Ive also quit my job to devote 100% to the kids and decided I would try the blog thing. I realized there may be people like me (maybe not exactly the same scenario) that want to learn tips or even seek for words of encouragement to cope. We can all learn together and let each other know as a mini community what may work and may not work. Once again welcome to my page! Feel free to leave me comments, Thank you!

Learning mom💛